BONUS: A Conversation with Benjamin Bernier (Thugs and Miracles)

For the first time in the history of 20 Minute History, we are hosting a very special guest for an interview. Please join us in welcoming Benjamin Bernier to the show! Benjamin writes and hosts the fantastic Thugs and Miracles podcast which is dedicated to recounting more than a millennium of French history, paying special attention to each of its monarchs. Each and every episode is packed with entertaining wit, captivating stories, and brilliant insights. In today's conversation, we talk about the making of Thugs and Miracles, as well as the underlying themes and motifs connecting each story, before diving just a little bit deeper into a few of Benjamin's most notable subjects. After listening to this episode, be sure to check out his catalog, including the other half of this guest exchange in which I sat down with Benjamin to talk a little more about this show's themes and its more interesting characters.

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