20 Minute History

by That's Not Canon Productions with David A. Bradbury

Welcome to 20 Minute History, where every episode brings you the engaging story of an unknown or misunderstood historical concept, broadening your horizons and correcting the record on some popular misconceptions. Our show is carefully researched, taking into consideration as many different sources and perspectives as possible, so you can trust that we’re getting the information right. But we also know that most folks don't have a lot of time on their hands, which is why each of our lessons is over in twenty minutes or less. And most importantly, we recognize that being well-informed takes more than just memorizing the names, dates, and places, which is why we always strive for our narratives to include a deeper analysis. After all, knowing what happened on a particular date means almost nothing without a comprehension of why it matters to begin with. We may be just one small, independently-run podcast…but we genuinely believe that the more we do to widen our collective awareness of the past, the better our chances of repairing our communities and narrowing the divide in this country. If you are someone who shares these concerns, or if you’re simply a history fanatic, we humbly ask you to tune in.

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