478: Why You Keep Repeating Painful Patterns | Radhule Weininger

We all have long-standing painful patterns of behavior or inner storylines that can cause us to react disproportionately or inappropriately to everyday events.  

Today's guest, Dr. Radhule Weininger, has a term for this. She calls them longstanding recurrent painful patterns or LRPPs. 

Weininger is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, and teacher of Buddhist meditation and Buddhist psychology. She has a new book, Heart Medicine: How to Stop Painful Patterns and Find Peace and Freedom—at Last 

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to recognize a problematic pattern or when you’ve been “lrpp-ed”
  • Why Dr. Weininger believes that Buddhism and western psychology, when practiced together, can help us deal with these recurring patterns
  • Unpacking the word trauma
  • The psychological term “mismatch” and how it relates to childhood trauma or hurt
  • How to practice meditation in order to tolerate discomfort

Full Shownotes: https://www.tenpercent.com/podcast-episode/radhule-weininger-478

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