Young Lincoln and Intelligent speech in New York

Saturday, June 29th 11 am – 7 pm The Centre for Social Innovation, New York

Podcasts entertain and inform millions of people every day. Coming through our headphones, podcasters are like friends joining us as we go about our daily routines and sometimes they’re even the last voice we hear at night as we put head to pillow. For years podcasts have been DIY labors of love but as the industry becomes increasingly dominated by celebrity personalities, professional broadcasters and large corporate production houses, in many places independent voices are being drowned out. But the Agora Podcast Network remembers what the beating heart of the podcast medium really is and so is proud to be the home of shows that are lovingly created in homes or sheds, places full of life and improvisation rather than sterile studios. Its proud to have hosts with individual voices of diverse opinion, discussing topics spanning history and politics, culture, literature and science. With over a million curious and discerning listeners downloading Agora podcasts each month, the proof of this winning formula is in the pudding.

Saturday, June 29, 2019 for an event that will bring together many of internet’s best podcasters for a day of live podcast recordings, open tables, Q and As and seminars at The Centre for Social Innovation, Chelsea in New York. It’s an opportunity for listeners to meet the creators of some of their favourite podcasts and to maybe even get on mic.

Confirmed podcasters

Are you interested in speaking at the conference, please email we are especially looking for more female, LGBTQ and people of colour speakers

Mike Duncan – The History of Rome and Revolutions

David Crowther – History of England

Roifield Brown – 10 American Presidents

Kevin Stroud – The History of English

Ryan Stitt – The History of Ancient Greece

Christine Caccipuoti – Footnoting History

Heather Teysko – Renaissance English History

Benjamin Jacobs – Wittenberg To Westphalia

Stephen Guerra – The History of Papacy

Erik Fogg – Reconsider

Claude Myron Goozer – The Cannon Ball

Abishai Aziz Al-Doory – The History of Westeros


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