Ep: 17 Teddy Roosevelt Q and A with David Pietrusza

Steve VGuerra Given that it was a definitely possible that McKinley could have survived, what would have happened to TR?

It’s hard not to think that TR would be against some domestic tenants of the Trump administration as he was against Trusts and pro conservation is his reputation as a Trust Buster deserved?

Joe Jamsky I mostly just want to know how racist, and religious every president was, his impact on Natives and such?

New York Governor Charles Evans Hughes was potentially a candidate to follow TR in 1908 who shared Roosevelt's progressivism, but Roosevelt disliked him and considered him to be too independent, why?

The 1912 primaries represented the first extensive use of the presidential primary, why was this important for the progressive movement?

Why did TR run as a third party candidate in 1912?

Brent Hamoud What role did Elliot play?

Niall Gargan I'd be interested to know a bit more about TR's relationship with FDR. Mostly looking at the reason why they are from opposing political parties. I know the old story that FDR ran as a Democrat simply because he said they asked to run for them in the state senate. I'm wondering how true this is or if the two family factions had a bigger part. I would have thought that FDR would have followed the same political ideology or had TR's troubles with the Republican Party in latter year dissuaded him from joining them?

James R. Early If Roosevelt had survived long enough to run for president in 1920, do you think he would have won?

If he had won in 1920 would he have continued the US isolationist policy after WW1?

Joe Jamsky I would be curious to know if Roosevelt said anything interesting about the second amendment?

Joe Jamsky Which president would win a WWE royal rumble?

Brent Hamoud have we overlooked TR’s mind?

Adam Vonnahme When was he happiest?

Adam Vonnahme What was his legacy?


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