Bonus episode - Ep: 2 The Things that made England - Ska

Racial diversity is one of many facets that separates England from the other parts of the United Kingdom. While the UK’s White population totals over 55,010,359 or 87.1% according the 2011 census, just under 13% or over 7.5 million are non white. Over 90% of all British ethnic minorities live in England and most of them can be found in its cities of Birmingham, London, Leicester, Luton, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Bradford, Coventry and Watford. It’s the arrival of the first mass wave of non white immigrants in 1948 on the Empire Windrush, that really started modern England, a country comfortable enough to say its favourite food is curry and where “Jafacian” is could displace cockney as the dialect of the capitol’s kids. This episode is broadly about that viewed through the prism of one aspect of English culture, Ska.


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